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NeuroGym Therapy and Rehab Equipment

iCare Health Network, Fresh River Healthcare Center, NeuroGym, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's DiseaseIf you have ever had a change in your abilities or found something more difficult to do on a daily basis you know how important it is to regain those skills.   This is true for people in the community as well as in a skilled nursing facility. 

We at Fresh River Healthcare Center believe strongly in this concept.  We know that due to injuries, medical episodes or even just as we age our abilities can change and its our goal to help prevent and improve these declines.  This is why we have invested in a product called Neurogym which is two pieces of functional equipment that is an adjunct to the Rehabilitation Program.

As a resident of a Skilled nursing facility, in either a long term or short term capacity, it is important to maintain or improve your functional independence by addressing strength, coordination and balance.  The Neurogym program aides in this process using the Neurogym Sit to Stand trainer and the Neurogym Bungee Mobility trainer.

The sit to stand trainer promotes early mobility and weight-bearing, as well as re-learning and strengthening weight bearing muscles, by actively assisting the standing motion.   

The bungee mobility trainer is a versatile system that allows intensive, safe motor retraining that provides support from underneath which is more “natural” support upon loss of balance.  These systems allows re-learning of motor abilities, improved balance and fostering self esteem for individuals as they go through their rehabilitation program.  The program has many clinical applications including stroke, traumatic brain injury, post hip and knee replacement surgery, falls, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, or even loss of function in the geriatric population.iCare Health Network, Fresh River Healthcare Center, NeuroGym, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease

Among many specialty programs, Fresh River Healthcare Center has a newly developed specialized Inpatient and Outpatient Parkinson Disease program and a Huntington’s Disease collaborative program with UConn Health Center.  Our highly trained and experienced therapist utilize core rehabilitative techniques as well as cutting edge therapies, including the Neurogym program for in-house residents and community people via  the outpatient program.

For more information, please call Fresh River Healthcare at (860) 623-9846.

NeuroGym Video Overview