Fresh River Healthcare

2012 American Health Care Association
Silver Award Winner


Welcome to Fresh River Healthcare

Dear Residents and Family members,

Blair Quasnitschka

Thank you for visiting the website of Fresh River Healthcare. It is the collective goal of all our employees to help you or your loved one to get well soon and reach a maximum level of independence. Our team of caregivers includes specialized therapists, compassionate nurses and personal attendants, as well as other dedicated staff and medical professionals.

Additionally, we will strive to exceed your expectations. In doing so, we understand that we must partner and participate with you in your plan of care. Communication along the way will be extremely important. This will include interdisciplinary “Care Conferences”, Discharge Planning Meetings, and consistent communication with your caregivers and other staff from Fresh River.

You will find that Fresh River offers a unique and broad range of skilled nursing services. This includes short-term rehabilitation in newly renovated private rooms, respite care, and Dementia and Behavioral Health Programs in a specialized, secured environment. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have regarding Fresh River.


Blair Quasnitschka
Fresh River Healthcare